Job Fair

Maximize Your Recruitment Potential

Having difficulty finding top-notch talent in your industry? The FEMS EUROMAT 2023 job fair is the solution. This year, we‘re launching a specialized job board for companies to showcase their career opportunities.

We offer two options to present your company and open positions:

Publication of job advertisements          
For a modest fee of € 250 (plus VAT) per listing, your job advertisement will gain exposure during the FEMS EUROMAT 2023 congress.

Exclusive package including job presentation
For companies seeking a more proactive strategy, we present an exclusive package at € 1,000 (plus VAT). This offer allows your organization to give a 15-minute presentation during lunch break, along with the opportunity to display branded rollups at the job fair presentation booth in the center of the exhibition area and use a table group for conversations. Furthermore, this package includes 5 job listings. 

Seize the chance to attract outstanding professionals in materials science and engineering!

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03 - 07 September 2023 | Hybrid Congress in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) & Online

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